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Professional European Skull Mounts by Skull 'N Bones

Welcome to the website of Skull 'N Bones Services, proudly serving Saskatchewan and area.
We prepare all types of skulls and bones. Cleaned with dermestid beetles, degreased and whitened to give our clients a beautiful white result that will last a long time.

A European mount, also known as western skull mount or a wildlife mount are becoming a favorite taxidermy technique for the people who want to display their trophy wildlife skull in an economical and professional setting.

Easy Mount Bracket

You can purchase your bracket on the panels page.

easy mount easy mount easy mount

This is a strong metal bracket made from 304 Stainless Steel. It can be painted to match your wall or leave it natural for the metallic look. It will never rust. It's so easy, just screw it to the wall on a stud, slide the skull cavity opening onto the bendable tab, (bend it only if the prefabricated angle is not desirable) adjust for straightness and you're done. This will display your skull on a desirable angle away from the wall showing the height of those antlers or horns and making your trophy more noticable. It's simple, it works well and does the job.

Skulls for sale

We often sell skulls through our website and currently have the following skulls for sale:

Buffalo skull

Skull for sale